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Posted by Katie M on 06/21/18
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The Broadway musical, The Band’s Visit, based on the 2007 Israeli film, Bikur Ha-Tizmoret, won ten Tony awards earlier this month, prompting my interest in the movie.

The movie follows an Egyptian police band that has booked a performance at an Arab cultural center in Petah Tikva, but end up in the wrong town, (fictional) Bet Hatika, in the middle of the Negev Desert. When there is no transportation out of the city that day, and no hotels for them to spend the night, the eight male band members, through a fortuitous encounter with a café owner, are taken in for the evening by different people throughout the town. The situations that ensue highlight relationships built by finding common ground.

This has been described as a quiet film, and I would agree. It is a sweet charmer about a group of people, who meet under unusual circumstances, and experience life together over the course of one night. There is no great narrative or major action, but it is a lovely, and sometimes funny, story about the human experience.

For those who enjoy well-reviewed, award-winning independent and foreign films.
Posted by SherriT on 06/20/18
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Karen White’s books are always a perfect blend of family, friendship, mystery, and a little romance. In her latest book, Dreams of Falling, she offers us two generations of strong female friendships.

After nine years away, Larkin returns to her childhood home in South Carolina when her mother, Ivy, takes a life-threatening fall, a fall that becomes the catalyst for exposing long held secrets. As Ivy lies in a hospital bed fighting for her life, Larkin begins her investigation. It is in this search that Larkin uncovers the secrets kept by three teenage friends on an unchaperoned graduation trip to Myrtle Beach fifty years earlier.  These three friends had sworn to remain best friends forever, never imagining the heartache that would result from that vow.

The story is dramatic and cleverly layered and there are tons of great characters. Most notably are the three best friends: the beautiful and rich Margaret; CeeCee, the preacher’s daughter; and the always smoking and redheaded artist, Bitty. Each one of them is flawed in their own way. And that is precisely what makes this book so real.

Lovers of Southern women’s fiction will appreciate this dramatic story.
Posted by jlasky on 06/11/18
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Dreading his 50th birthday, and receiving an invitation to the wedding of the love of his life, as well as a manuscript rejection, Arthur Less embarks on a madcap world tour. In order to escape the heartbreak of becoming a lonely, failed middle age writer, Arthur decides to accept random literary invitations, many of which even a mid-level writer would not consider. From Paris, Morocco, Berlin, Southern India, and Japan, through his mishaps and adventures, he finds some hope and surprises, as well as a new look at humanity.
 Andrew Sean Greer uses a mysterious narrator and lyrical sentences to tell this humorous, character driven love story. You will be utterly charmed by Arthur, and may even see a bit of yourself in him. 

A recent Pulitzer Prize winner, as well as the June pick for the PBS NewsHour-New York Times book club, Less is a perfect summer read.
Posted by Lucy S on 06/04/18
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The economy is fragile and the employees within the Human Resources Department of Ellery Consumer Research are feeling the effects. Someone has been fired and some may not be performing up to their ability but the department manager’s loyalty to her staff is never in question. This Could Hurt is less about the work these individuals are tasked with doing and more about human interaction and personalities.
When a traumatic event occurs, everyone in the department must decide what they are willing to do – follow in the footsteps of their mentor or step aside. To what lengths will they go?

Anyone who has worked in a large corporate environment or even any work environment may recognize elements of these characters’ behavior. Some instances might make you smile such as when you read about a secret office hideaway equipped with a few spare necessities on an empty floor or when you can cheer someone making a stand against stereotyped bias.

Author Jillian Medoff has captured a snapshot of a workplace filled with good dialogue, acts of friendship and compassion along with some flawed moves and decisions.

The audiobook version has a full cast that enhances each character’s narrative.

Posted by annetteb on 05/30/18
When you are on the go with your filming projects, come equipped with the Sennheiser EW112 PG3 Lavalier Microphone.
The Sennheiser EW112 PG3 Lavalier Microphone is a wireless microphone the features an ME 2 omnidirectional clip-on condenser microphone, 3.5 mm jack cable, CL 100 XLR cable, and CA 2 camera-mounting adaptor.  It features the SK 100 G3 Bodypack transmitter as well as the EK 100 G3 Compact diversity receiver. 
The system is ideal for use with cameras and camcorders that have 3.5 mm minijack and 3-pin XLR microphone inputs.
For more information, call or visit the Tech Learning Center. 
Posted by annetteb on 05/23/18
If you are looking to record audio with a professional-grade condenser microphone, consider booking one of our Studio suites and using the Senal SCM-660 Condenser Mic. This microphone is available for in-Studio use only. 
The Senal SCM-660 Condenser Mic captures audio with a full, rich tone. It is excellent to use when broadcasting, studio recording, podcasting, or live recording. 
To learn more about what our Studio suites have to offer, view the full list of Studio equipment here.
If you have any questions, please visit or contact the Tech Learning Center. 
Posted by Katie M on 05/17/18
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Everything Is Horrible And Wonderful : A Tragicomic Memoir Of Genius, Heroin, Love, And Loss by Stephanie Wittels Wachs is the author’s absorbing account about coping with the death of her brother, Harris Wittels, from a heroin overdose. The book spans the few years between the time that the family learns of Harris’ substance addiction, to the year after his death, and details their attempt to make sense of everything. Stephanie openly discusses how concurrent to Harris’ addiction, she gives birth to a baby with a permanent hearing disability, and writes about the emotional stress of these parallel events.

Stephanie is unflinchingly honest in this memoir, and with her background in education and performance, her audiobook narration is a real standout. I listened on Hoopla, and highly recommend the audio format of the book, as the story, in her voice, is powerful; it’s tender and evocative and her love for her brother and her family is potent.

This is one of those books where you’ll laugh and you'll cry – the humor can be dry and quirky and laugh-out-loud funny (Harris was a professional comedy writer) and the tragic moments incredibly dark – but part of the strength of the story is this concurrent thread of humor and sadness. This book is for those who like modern memoirs, and anyone interested in reading a detailed personal account about addiction and grief, told through the lens of a candid, close-knit family.
Posted by Lucy S on 05/12/18
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This delightful little book is an ode to bookstores and to an old-fashioned method of communication. Michael and Hilary, a husband and wife team, opened an independent bookstore in 2013. On the shop’s opening day, the couple set out a manual, non-electric, carriage-return style typewriter loaded with a sheaf of paper. Soon, the clacking sound of the keys striking the platen could be heard.

Notes From a Public Typewriter is a collection of the comments left behind by customers. Some were gibberish, but among the remarks are maxims, whimsies, playful notes, somber expositions, edgy witticisms, sharp observations, random thoughts, anonymous musings and heartfelt reflections.

This book will appeal to those who learned how to type on a manual typewriter (and know what the term “return” means) and to those looking for a feel-good quick, light read.
Posted by annetteb on 05/06/18
Enjoy exceptional clarity and stabilization in your video recordings by using the Canon HD Camcorer.
The camera comes in a travel bag, along with its battery, USB cable, charger, and 32 GB SD card. Whether you are a beginner or a professional, the Canon HD Camcorder is an excellent tool to use to document your memorable moments. 
For more information, contact or visit the Tech Learning Center. 
Posted by SherriT on 05/05/18
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Kick off your summer reading list with The Husband Hour by Jamie Brenner.

Lauren is the widow of NHL hockey star Rory Kincaid who leaves it all to fight as a US Ranger overseas. After he is killed in combat, Lauren is caught in web of grief that she has not been able to let go of for four years. When a filmmaker approaches her and her family to produce a documentary about Rory’s life, she fights him every step of the way. Lauren is determined to keep the memory of Rory high on a pedestal and in her heart. However, the secrets that Matt's documentary are uncovering are not what she wants to face.

While this book is truly Lauren’s story, it is also a story about the other women in her immediate family, her mom Beth and her sister Stephanie. I love nothing more than a story about a family of strong women with complex lives.

So many themes covered in this book: professional sports, celebrity status, the military, love, grief, betrayal, traumatic brain injury, documentary filmmaking, and some yummy baking thrown in! Love the way it all ties together to make The Husband Hour a favorite 2018 beach read.
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